Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Biscuit Sophisticate (blog title courtesy of Jason...he has the best funnels in town!)

Matt's biscuits look like newborn baby macaroons in a blanket

I call my biscuits "spite bites"

Brunch with friends is always nice, especially if your friends are biscuits. Can one befriend a biscuit you ask? Yes. All my friends on facebook are biscuits. I hope my friends who are far less buttermilky and puffy won't be offended when they see my biscuit mafia and top ten biscuits. I blame Ella for my recent biscuit-centric life. I also blame her for my exquisitely amateur foray into culinary domesticity. (I blame Matt, too, who made biscuits a few weeks ago, specifically not for me because I bailed on an impromptu potluck). I made biscuits for myself and my family and was actually thrilled during the entire part addiction, two parts spite. Yum.

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